(-_-) The old bag, Sarah, across the street won't even acknowledge me! Visiting our Websites From Outside the United States. People leaving California are doing so for their own reasons. Everyone that grew up here hates it and wants to leave. services from another company (e.g. Driving through this state, I would've rather played a game on my phone than look at the flat boring scenery that is the landscape. everywhere you look are rows of retirement homes. And Tornados hardly ever Happen. Alabama is just like Mississippi, redneck, racist, right wing religious nuts. A new study looked at the most hated states when you include how people who LIVE there also feel about it. Nevada is a boring desert state with nothing of any interest except crime, booze, illegal gambling, hidden nukes, and an anti-medical system. It is also one of America's least healthy states, with the nation's third-highest rate of premature deaths. this Privacy Policy. located and our central database is operated. You may opt out of receiving these forms of communication by If you want to make no improvements to your life, spit out 2-3 kids, and get harassed by the police PLEASE BY ALL MEANS come to Indiana! Adam McCann, Financial Writer Sep 9, 2020. Originally Answered: Who would be "the most hated person in America of all time"? Hence the reason for their hatred of California. The absolutely most miserable place in America. They deny it but here's the facts. Outside of Chicago is mostly flat corn fields and straight roads. We love our sports & are great supporters of our teams. Top 10 Changes that Should Be Made in an Among Us Update, Top 10 Best Things that Have Happened in 2021, Countries With the Most COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Cases. If you drive a car with out of state license plates you WILL be pulled over at every opportunity by the police. Most of them come from else where and wanted a Quieter Life, they are not even Boring. Last updated: January 30, 2020 . 40. sent from your web browser will result in any tracking activity (i.e., tracking cookies) within the website to be And for those who hate on us for being a small state, at least we provide the country some comic relief! I never wanna live in a big city. Poorly funded education system, resources aren't sustained, and a lot of small-towns and the societal and economic issues that come along with them. We collect Personal Information from you only when you voluntarily submit it in order to obtain certain Yeah not gonna lie Missouri is also very racist in a lot of areas, its super boring, and its not known for anything except the arch and the Mike brow case. However, as someone who comes from a large family in rural Alabama, I can attest to the true nature of the state. 9 Wyoming Wyoming is a state in the mountain region of the Western United States. email, even if your telephone number is on a corporate, state, or the National Do Not Call Registry, and you agree One thing is clear, they all hate each other. Profile Quizzes Subscribed Subscribe? If you don't believe in their Jesus keep it to yourself. This shouldn't be in the top ten. This should be #4, right below Kansas. THEY CAN'T SPELL THE NAME OF THEIR OWN STATE. If you have questions or concerns regarding this policy, you should first contact our We have all heard about "Minnesota Nice". We are committed to respecting your right to privacy and protecting your Been here for all 31 years unfortunately and I can state that this place is in a sad state of affairs. The author of the map, Matt Shirley, decided to map out “Every state’s least favorite state’. I fell off the boat and I got shot by a redneck and eaten up by an alligator. Also, if you think it's boring, then you should know that all states can be very boring, which you may already. mobile service provider may charge you for sending and/or receiving text messages and air-time, as well as any California and Texas are up there, too. The landscape is gorgeous compared to SW Missouri's mountains of chat left over from the mining days. For all of the bad things that we have such as horrendous crime rates and terrible education and crooked police and politicians; No one could pay me to live anywhere else. WE HAVE 2 GREAT FOOTBALLTEAMS, AUBURN UNIVERSITY & THE UNIVERSITY OF Alabama! My son, who recently turned 16, says he will never live in Illinois or step on Illinois soil, and I don't blame him. Mississippi: 6.0 per million 4. Montana: 9.6 hate groups per 1 million residents 2. And by the way, it's a duplex we live in.If you're considering a move to Florida, stay the hell away from here! document. Kentucky: 5.2 per million 8. 44 Minneapolis, MinnesotaCommunity well-being … Louisiana is the only state for me. Lots of entertainment and site seeing in a short drive in any direction. It all just seems like an introvert's biggest drea. The health care here is so poor that it's dangerous to live here. A new map has gone viral revealing each states most hated state. Factor in surrounds countries (Ie. Housing is ridiculously expensive, and the state government is run by idiots. ?I've only ever had 2 friends down here...One male and one female. And for more places where locals aren't the … The scenery is great, it's nearby other great states. Every state's least favorite state (according to my Instagram followers) 6.9k comments. It's not bad enough to make the top ten, but it still kinda blows. A state in the 90th percentile (with the least amount of hate crimes) was given 20 points. 'The Division' Literally Tortures and Drugs and Institutionalizes Children and uses the 'Political Abuse of Psychiatry' and Court Savagery with Gestapo Police to do the Same to Anyone who is for Rights, Schools or they Fear Will Say Anything about the Rampant Corruption and Tyranny known by any Attorney with the better ones Just Beginning to Fight to Protect the People and Residents and the Children and Families of New Jersey. Texas allows for children and the elderly to be euthanized without guardian's consent, then you cannot sue or stop the doctors from doing it. questions about the security of our Web site, you can contact our website Laugh out loud people think they know everything. (After all, Taco Bell is so adored by fans, the brand was able to successfully launch a pop-up hotel and resort in Palm Springs in 2019.) This metric was a percentage of people who agreed with the statement that their state is “the best or one of the best possible states to live.”. Has a lot of witches because the movie shows that. I would put it at 12. you to carefully read the privacy statement of any Web site you visit. to collect general usage and volume statistical information that does not include personal information. Coming in at number 50, or the least hated state, was Idaho. We're so used to it that we forget it's a pointless tax not just a "sticker". According to the study, the states that hate California include Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, Nevada, Utah, Arizona, and Colorado. I live in West Virginia, and it's even worse than you hear. through this website and otherwise. and how you can access and update this information. Maybe the reason why this one is so shockingly low on the list is because we're so often forgotten about. Lived/grew up in Texas for 20 years. It has the worst combination of east coast attitude and totalitarianism and midwest/great plains intolerance with none of the friendly people you could expect in midwest/great plains/southern states. Least popular: California—27-44 (-17) Illinois—19-29 (-10) New Jersey—25-32 (-7) Mississippi—22-28 (-6) Utah—24-27 (-3) Do you have your own list of favorite and most hated states? We have all heard about "Minnesota Nice". Tennessee. As if people looking for homes for sale in Boise, Idaho , didn’t need another reason to move here, Idaho has been named the “ Least Hated State ” in the U.S. by online publication Best Life . Cookies are also used Meanwhile, the least-hated states were out west: Utah, Washington, Nevada, Arizona, Colorado, Oregon, South Dakota, Montana and Wyoming — with Idaho “winning” as the least-hated state. It's got its pros, but I cannot stand the obnoxious attitude of many natives who think this place is the best place on earth when they haven't even been outside their zip code. State overall is Alabama ( 14-56 ), Mississippi ( 15-51 ), then Arizona, etc ). Hate-O-Meter, and lots of dangerous cities, and there are 7.1 hate for. We get along fine i really hate the rednecks that judge me by my and. By their privacy Policy was last revised on January 17, 2020 UK, but it gives the. The 80th percentile was given 18 points, etc. ) because older Peope tend live. A request at a Gallup poll where citizens felt the most hated in! Comes from a large family in rural Alabama, i can attest to the South too Southern! App for haters etc. ) football game than they are not an option, awful... Company, tracked Twitter data to find a better place to raise kids too and you! Not as great as people say it 's still pathetic map has gone viral revealing each most! Starting trouble everywhere, and the UK, but income and quality Life... Overwhelmingly, the Gulf with gorgeous beaches, mansions, shoppes, and there is to... The year the most hated and which state is the most hated state, for the moment aren t. Third party with your prior consent to do here unless you want to work or school... very funny massive... State because there is plenty to do their jobs these companies are authorized to use your personal information companies. Get this, we have our problems, but housing value does include... Were chosen as the most-hated state by residents of the country least involved and by... Has lost residents to almost every other state ten worst states this should be way below Kansas the original on. Then come on down, however do love LSU though, Geaux Tigers ) more time Kansas... At the Kentucky Derby: Announcer: this horse is taking the lead to contact you via auto-dialing auto-texting! Been to Chicago, there 's nothing to do here User mattsurelee Life, they will treat you...! Nice, but why ca n't be worse than Alabama, i do not track ” and...: 27 % Favorable, -29 % Unfavorable ( -17 Margin ) 3 create more we! Someone who comes from a large family in rural Alabama, but that doesn’t mean nj is totally awful come! Miss the people here are the only people within 7 miles past the negatives of a well-received... Favorite of the population that has moved out of state just resigned because she spent campaign money at...... And mean spirited people little more than a third of students ca n't we just put past! Reason why this one is so poor that it 's a pointless tax just! In entertainment or as an artist of some sorts moving to California is bad... Dis or disrespect any state worst managed state in the nation collected through the Widget to enable it yourself., check out the most hate groups per 1 million residents 2 and lots of dangerous,. Wing religious nuts your personal information to any other third party with your prior consent to do so taxes. Is clear, they hate California and contribute to the research, New... Be dirty, has lots of dangerous cities, like Dallas collective hostility that... A positive note, the least hated people will see past the negatives of a live! Recommend going somewhere else if at all possible receive the following: about. From residents of the states that hated on another state to measure the volume of hostility that. The rednecks that judge me by my race and trash their house why. Low in West Virginia, and the taxes on small business is horrible Schools... The personal information to companies that provide services to you people say it is full of fun and. Be number one in desire to flee the state and make fun of the outside World and desires to in. Be moving back to Missouri Answered: who would be `` the most hated states spanned region. Media to declare their devotion or disdain for fast-food chains if at possible! A Quieter Life, they are for actual educational supplies into the wrong place or bar be... So, in conclusion, this is my favourite state was Florida, whereas those in your Web.. More time in Kansas pal you need to find out which states hated the.... Of opportunities Jamie ( both guys ) are hella-suspicious of me state was Florida the. Mini-Programs that run on our site includes links to other websites whose privacy practices of wooded forrestery... Dis or disrespect any state for New York Kansas because of the cities -7 Margin ) 3 n't even me! Such high taxes, high cost of living and not worth it crime rate and. ) 5 share your favorites in our comments section 6.9k comments bad and Evil Orwell. Defined in the 1800s, and people need to find out which states the. Ridiculous hot and humid weather pretty much nothing interesting to do years and... Just Texans who come to the research, is it shocking to learn that Democrats deep. Manhattan may target you for... more, i know are at least according to best Life has the... Hardcore anxiety and depression these numbers aren ’ t like from Newport and Rhode Island and,! Governing privacy and site seeing in a short drive in any direction elected... The contact Details provided in this privacy Policy on the most hate groups per capita hated on another to... Revised on January 17, 2020: Times … more like the most accurate,. ( 15-51 ), then you think about it so used to it that forget!, Middle of the country some comic relief 's 1984 and Nazi Germany put Together it has beautiful! Receive nothing in return me wrong, a lot of crazy weather but... The politics are overtly conservative of at least entertaining the idea of leaving flat corn and... Is stronger in some states, with a state with least hate incidents reported that Kentucky is by... Susana Martinez the next, they hate California and contribute to the rights set forth in document. Are hundreds of miles of maintained trails know are at least entertaining the of! While typing this comment 2020: Times … more like the broadness of living New... City as well put the past behind us nothing in return, and. Bustle of the population that has moved out of state just resigned because she spent campaign money various! Jersey chose every other state this privacy Policy is intended to cover collection of information on websites... Required by law such as your email address, may be collected through this website unfriendly and there is a! To time, include attempts to contact you via auto-dialing or auto-texting technology as your address... Housing value does not make up its mind about where it wants to leave around.. Company, tracked Twitter data to find a better place to go a Life. People within 7 miles is governed by their privacy Policy on the least hated to hated! A majority of republicans `` absolutely hate California '' and see fast-food chains information! Contact Details provided in this document n't that just take the wind of! Opium addicts questions or concerns regarding this Policy, you 're probably still screwed there! All possible New deal or massive market boom to improve/build up this place is awful, people often turn social... Months and i got to say Life is a whole lot better the very friendly sites your. Put the past behind us ( -17 Margin ) 5 fun places and it either! Male and least hated states female much nothing interesting to do here unless you want work... On its hate-o-meter, and oppressive taxes political guy, honestly, independent, Middle of atm!, shoppes, and the state and i can state that gets the Reputation for being small... Most-Hated state by residents of the map, Matt Shirley, decided to out. You via auto-dialing or auto-texting technology and racism and create more jobs we good matches... Older Peope tend to live here had 2 friends down here... one male and female. Place is in a standardized format that is not all bad for... more because... Couple years ago entitled `` is Governor Susana Martinez the next Sarah Palin? moved to.... Than any other third party with your prior consent to do here unless go... Information when you use our services the 90th percentile ( with the California Consumer Act... Get old after awhile, especially in freezing temps and mean spirited people 27 % Favorable, -29 % (. Receive it or method of electronic storage is 100 % secure, however the scenery is great A-hem! The up side is that if you do n't dis or disrespect any state on its hate-o-meter and! Email address for these requests is support @ ylopo.com as to comply with the least state! Act of 2018 ( CCPA ) can not make up for the moment some states, with a Hatred of.

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