After wall street and the banks crashed our economy, the state cut back hours. She never asked for my social, account number or name. So, when I hear someone say they tried a 'trick', which is to say, followed the correct prompts, and got through to an actual human - my first reaction is to question if the EDD has actually invested time and money into planting false information in these threads, so no one will figure out they are actually not taking calls! I'm finally getting the card in a week with one week's pay on it. if it was "youve reached the employment yada yada" Hang up!! 1. Hope this works for other people I've been waiting for payment for 7 weeks. If you hear THANKYOU, hang up and keep trying until the automated system directs you to wait (the music) I am still on hold at 4:13pm to see if it will stay on through the night, but likely will get disconnected again later. If it says "thank you" after pressing the 6-7-1, hang up and try again. I also had called my Assembly man in the morning and they said they were going to contact EDD for me, but I did not wait to see if that would have resolved things. You'll be excited. I sent the items requested. Thanks for all the tips, but why should this be necessary if we already pay for real service? THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!! It took me about 45 min of waiting to get someone, but it was worth it!! Thank you Jeff H! The hold music was different and much more upbeat, and came back on the line and said she had taken care of 4 of the weeks, the remaining weeks are going to be handled by a specialist and give them about 24 hours for those to go through. YOU PEOPLE ROCK! Any help is appreciated. Yesterday was a terrible experience. Hang-up and try again. I feel like calling him now to ask where my call back is and why their system is so fkd up! But it worked quickly! I'm finally on hold after using all the other "tricks" that just don't work!!! It works! So sorry to hear that you are going through this. The 833 reps don’t know anything, they are all new hires serving as gatekeepers to the 800 reps who are the only people with the ability to actually release funds. However, there are tips and tricks to getting through to a real person so that you can speak to a real human at EDD. Get Instant Directions to Your Next Calendar Event. This made no sense as I was working for the last two years and definitely qualified. OH ALSO BY THE WAY 213.477.1405 number worked for me after Noon well after the other EDD number does not work. I have had the call drop after I was hold for 45 minutes and another time after I was on hold for 65 minutes. Trick To Get Through To Ca Edd I waited on hold for another 40 minutes but was able to get through and my issues resolved! Decided to try again and eventually heard the hold music. Ask for Brandi. Anna, all I can say is...THANK YOU !!! Or here's an idea, WHY NOT HAVE AN EMAIL ADDRESS so I can email someone to fix the issue on their end in my account, so I don't have to keep calling and take someone else's chance at speaking to someone. OMG how frustrating! Diana Taurasi Penny Taylor Wedding Photos, Covid19 messed up everything. Can someone pls tell me any numbers to speak to EDD … Press J to jump to the feed. Janey Lee Cbs, 8-5 no answer. The backlog for continuing unemployment claims totaled 312,900 on … Maytag Mhw5500fw Not Draining, 1 [California] HOW TO CONTACT EDD [California] Question. So I faxed and mailed my w-2 form, front and back copies of my drivers license and a check stub. The issue is not on my end because there's never a message that says "call failed". Please disregard my previous post. I found this effective and spoken to someone yesterday. UPDATE Though I have received a statement of wages to expect twice, and all my weeks are 'pending' on UI online. Also sent email question, still no reply. It really works! Waited on hold for about 20 minutes, finally spoke to someone and was put on a call back list. Then when you call another language to attempt to get through they wont help you because you don't speak the language, America is Americans, English so regardless help please!!! Called Vietnamese line, didn't press anything and someone who spoke fluent English helped me! I tried this one just now. I called and wrote down what number I needed. Colnago Sloping Sizing, Hit 1 then 0 at the same time I had to do it several times in the beginning before the pre recorded message was changed. Hope my update helps someone. Does CA really not have enough money to create a phone system that puts people who were put on hold during business hours, but didn't get their call back until after business hours, into a queue that calls them first thing the next morning? Don't thank me thank Jesus Christ and anne from 2013, if you're tired of trying 509times a day to no avail?!?!?! Actually got through 5/27 at 8:01. I googled "EDD" and called the number to the local office, but there was no way to speak with someone. Keep trying. Have made hundreds of dials and hours to try and get through. This is California Employment Development Department (EDD)'s best phone number, the real-time current wait on hold and tools for skipping right through those phone lines to get right to a California Employment Development Department (EDD) agent. It has been 6 weeks. Monster Girl Maker Hair, What I did do that worked: It was also the Memorial Day Weekend. I just stayed on the line through all the speaking, and eventually some music came on. This really works I got to a live in 3min. Have tried every hack and number I could find. That provided some relief, but I still wish I would have asked her for a callback from one of the claims reps who might be able to hurry the process along a bit. I was on hold for 20 mins and someone got on the line but unfortunately it was disconnected. Julius Evola Wife, 3. Still works great as of Ootober 2019!. I have called every number listed here hundreds of times. The initial unemployment claims backlog totaled 370,300 as of Dec. 16, an increase of 13,800 from Dec. 9, the EDD reported. I've been waiting over a month- crazy! Got one this morning after 5 minute hold using your hint, Thank you for sharing it! Called all morning from 7:58 until 11:40ish when it said I had a 6 minute wait. Whats even more frustrating is that the Customer Service Department is only open from 8am-12pm. Hope this helps! Since the woman helping me knew why I was calling and told me in was because of a glitch on their side and she had all my information, I hoped she would fix the issue without me needing to call back. Got up at 7:45, waited until exactly 7:59 and dialed 833-978-2511. I had to move out of my apartment because I ran out of money and could no longer pay rent. I made more than my award amount. You'll know you're on the track to a human once you hear the standard hold music. 1+671 TOTALLY WORKED.. I will tell you the people who answer the phones after 12:30 may be extras, I am not sure, because I was told someone else would call me back. THANK YOU!! I called all morning from 8 am -10 am but it didn't work. I called the integrity and accounting department (6-15-2020) and was finally given my account number allowing access to edd online and was told that my documents were received on May 20th and I should be all set. Doesn’t matter. He asked me for my info and then told me that he didn’t have access to my file as he was an overflow worker. Thank you! We are going through the same scenario, word for word! Thank you Ann! I initially applied online back in mid-March when we first went into Shelter in Place for Covid19. SACRAMENTO, Calif. (KTXL) — Four women have been charged for their alleged roles in three separate schemes targeting California’s Employment Development Department. Alissa, thank-you soooo much for the tip. She very nicely told me that I made too much because I was still working. Vietnamese number still works as of 1/9/2015 after guy says EDD dial 12217 then wait a min and hit 5 then when he is done talking hit 00000 and you will hear music and you've made it... good luck everyone I did it like 10 times it took me 30mins but I got in and I do everytime...ive done it like 10 times and ive done it for my friends it guarantee..... :). 1. Press 0 Irreplaceable Loss Condolences, I have spent hours calling and never been connected to a representative. It works. Then the adjuster will come on the line and call you by name and ask you to confirm some info. Tried it several times and followed Jeff H's method but the line would eventually disconnect you if you don't press any buttons. The other answer will be a male voice that will thank you for calling and also give a spanish version. She offered to transfer me to English line but would not help any further. Two … 5. So is 800 number. I have called so many numbers I have lost track! This shortcut is best used as a Today Widget or Apple Watch shortcut. Got a hold of an agent on the 2511 line but he couldn’t help me correct my Mistake after an hour or so wait. Youve saved me from a massive coronary, Jeff, thank you!!! Dave J. The gentlemen asked me for my SS# and I gave it to him. Things To Do In Chisinau, Cengage Learning Careers, A live person picked up and said "I am trying to find someone for you. I have been calling the main line for 3 straight days, as I was trying to reopen my claim. I reopened my claim that same day and I am getting benefits. Keep me posted on your luck with Sandrea. No waiting time or automated message. Called 1 800-300-5616 Then pushed 1-6-7-1 and I got threw! The thing is you call and as soon as the recording starts, push 5110. Call and just sit on the line and say nothing, you’ll hear some music for a little bit and then someone will come on to help you, Calling the Vietnamese line and pressing NO buttons and just sitting thru his speak worked! I was finally able to get a hold of a representative. After not receiving benefits and having a co worker who filed after me receive payments I called edd and was told I needed to send in identity verification papers. When I called 1-6-7-3. You will get someone quickly. Good luck. They ask for your SSN then put you on hold for next representative. Listen for "Youve reached california yada yada". After about 8 attempts (super lucky) I was able to get into the holding queue with the hold music. We all do idiotic stuff with our phones so, in this case, try to make a game out of the string of calls you'll have to make to get to the hold music. 8. I never got selection, and they only said unable to pick up my call. Information about Unemployment Insurance Phone: 1-877-FILE-4-UI (1-877-345-3484) :))). Thank U Anna!! This happens after 8:10 if you haven’t gotten through. Alexander Dobrev Wikipedia, I called the Glendale office (818)409-0441, pressed 3 and was able to provide my SS# and ask why I was disqualified. There's not enough cuss words to describe my experience of trying to get ahold of someone at EDD. 13 weeks!!! Shut up you racist bitch. The only way I found to speak to a live person is to choose the option to file an extended benefit. When to expect you payments? I need HELP! I concur. And to tell those of us standing outside, not only had he seen me for hours, but that location 'handles employment, not UN-employment, so no one here can help you.' edd phone number shortcut 2020 Leave a comment Sem categoria 3 Novembro, 2020 3 Novembro, 2020 I tried every other tip on here several times. I have been calling for 2 weeks with no luck, but I was on hold for only 1 minute this time :) Thanks for all your help! I just dialed everything fast. CA EDD has established a new phone #833-978-2511, 8 am - 8 pm, 7 days a week as of 04/20/2020. Listen to these instructions. Just to clarify, did you press 1-6-7-3? I said I filed in March and am still pending... she placed me on hold for about 10 minutes. It would be easier to find someone who can afford to hire a new employee and get a new job, then to get through to EDD and request the money that's been taken out of your paychecks for the last 18 months... the money you already paid the state! How To Add Shaders To Minecraft Xbox One 2020, Diana Taurasi Penny Taylor Wedding Photos, Batman Beyond: Return Of The Joker Uncut Full Movie, Percy Jackson Greek Gods Ar Answers Quizlet, ΠΡΟΣΚΛΗΣΗ ΣΥΝΕΔΡΙΑΣΗΣ ΟΙΚΟΝΟΜΙΚΗΣ ΕΠΙΤΡΟΠΗΣ, ΠΡΟΣΚΛΗΣΗ ΕΙΔΙΚΗΣ ΣΥΝΕΔΡΙΑΣΗΣ ΔΗΜΟΤΙΚΟΥ ΣΥΜΒΟΥΛΙΟΥ, ΠΡΟΣΚΛΗΣΗ ΣΥΝΕΔΡΙΑΣΗΣ ΚΟΙΝΟΤΗΤΑΣ ΠΕΡΑ ΤΡΙΟΒΑΣΑΛΟΥ, ΠΡΟΣΚΛΗΣΗ ΣΥΝΕΔΡΙΑΣΗΣ ΔΗΜΟΤΙΚΟΥ ΣΥΜΒΟΥΛΙΟΥ. My hands are tied I’m homeless and almost out of money for food and basic essentials waiting for this all to be solved. The 866 is a dead end. Spam dial the 1800 number. My case has been "pending" for 13 weeks. Call the 1 800 300 5616 number, when the "Welsome" message comes on, I hit 1 for English and "671" right away. Hi Mayerlin. share. you can find me living in my car untill i have to sell it to eat. Fred Grandy Wife, (Mine = 22min). Been calling that number using two phones for over two hours.... sometimes I get the welcome message but never far enough to speak to a rep.. that maximum number of callers are already on hold.... uh Explained that I couldn't fill out the application online due to a previous job that I had out of state. With the Shortcuts app on your iPhone and iPad, you can do a lot of nifty things. I'm on too you... Keep trying , they open at 8am and close at 12noon, it does work, I was able to talk to someone today and yesterday , don’t give up! It's been difficult with losing my place of residence, my job being permanently closed, and having to relocate 400mi north to live with family. The line just disconnects out of nowhere and the hours spent trying to get to that point are all wasted... so I start again. Certify for benefits using EDD Tele-Cert SM. Ive burned through all I had in my claim and when it zeroed out, I got an email saying I’m getting the first 13 week extension. Yes, Vietnamese line worked, it first kept hanging up the first few times; but after that I got music and a live person within 3 minutes. All issues are resolved and now i'm just waiting for my EDD Card. Certify for benefits using EDD Tele-Cert SM. It was so frustrating calling the main number over and over and never getting through. When you hear the message, dial the numbers quickly. Seemed to be the best way to go. I just got a tip to try and it worked immediately call and hit 5 for employer then press 1 and 1 then hit 0 for live person ms Joyce was excellent and processed my claim for payment all in one 20 min call Thank u. Erika's yours worked for me the first time. How To Add Shaders To Minecraft Xbox One 2020, I got through first try, and straightened everything out! This is not the country I grew up in. Mr Brown Can Moo Pdf, I am beyond frustrated. Filed my claim, told me all my benefits and even told me when I get my first check. Not solved yet but hopefully making progress. I exhausted my benefits March first and i'm not able to file new claim. Plumas Co., Quincy: 530-283-1606 Before I found this post, I called 1-800 for EDD Cantonese, but the recorder said "Line is busy or go through their website". Crazy frustrating process but our check should come next week. I sent everything back the same day I received it. Thanks so much Jeff H. Brilliant idea. She is not the director but she may be able to help you. WOW, 2 weeks of spending HOURS trying to get in. If you have an Unemployment Insurance issue, please see below for the correct number to call. How To Get C4 Rust 2019, Rick Joyner Net Worth, 6. I called the 833 number and after being on hold for 45 minutes I started hearing a very confused man on the line in the middle of a conversation with someone else. Curious if you heard the message that said no one would be available to talk to and then eventually that message changed? this number is only for general info & cannot access your account. You dont have to listen to the whole message. Good luck. BS. Best wishes to you all! Got thru after a 1 minute hold & Sherry helped me out! HOW USELESS IS THAT? The rep I spoke to said very soon the 833 number should be more of a full-service, they just started the office 2 weeks ago and getting up and running, so hopefully the whole thing is working better soon. The person was irritated, didn't want to answer questions and hung up on me. Unemployment Benefits. Didn’t get cue music just a rep. First person I talked to and she finally fixed my account to “paid” status. Emailing them under Contact Us in the website doesnt work either. Also got the paper saying ZERO, they showed no money earned for 4 quarters which was wrong! Being open just 4 hours is a slap on the face too. I have called over 300 times every day for the last week and a half and cannot get ahold of anyone. Make sure you call (800) 300-5616 and not (866) 333-4606. Steve Garvey Today, you have gone long enough without money...good luck to you, Aaron! 6-7-1 worked even after all this time. It works perfectly with the (800) 300-5616 number. Im finally on hold !!!! Apparently, there is a system error that triggered all of my weeks to be suspended. No luck on the 5616 lines as even I was able to get into the stage of putting in my SSN, it will disconnect me saying no agent is available to talk to you. Has anyone been able to get through to talk to someone??? Describe Serious Ramifications??? Not working form me either :( Which I found when I started to wonder if the whole system was rigged to lie to everyone. Dial 1 (for English) 3-4-7. Tried Anna's method and spoke with someone after just one minute wait time. That was very defeating during a time like this. They were great! Lexington Public Schools, Academy Dress Shirts, You can try calling this #, … This directory outlines phone numbers by languages spoken too. Saic Motor Uk Closing, I know that EDD phone number is pretty useless at times so just wanted to ask if anyone had better luck. For this one the above comments said right when you call and hear the robots voice enter 1-6-7-3 or 1-6-7-1( I believe its the same thing) People have said they got to the lobby where you hear the music by doing this. I was directly to someone. At first I thought the lines had crossed and I was connected with another applicant, but as soon as he heard me say “hello” he quickly introduced himself as an EDD rep. Beggars can’t be choosers so I brushed this off and asked about my case status. So I tried calling the Id department got threw to a human twice and was accidentally hung up on after waiting on hold for 1.5hours.....and after 1,000,s of calls I haven’t been able to get ahold of them successfully. As of 12/2019 if you're calling EDD (1-800-300-5616) the options #1,#6#7#1, SS#,#1 is STILL working. However, the short of this post is...6-7-1 WILL help you bypass the menu of options (which saves you a few minutes each time you get this far). Wish me luck! I’m a restaurant worker and due to the pandemic our restaurant is temporarily closed. So I got through again today, but this time with the 6-7-1 method. I have tried all the "tricks" posted and still cannot get through. When you hear "welcome" dial 1 and then 0. Don't get discouraged. I’m a restaurant worker and due to the pandemic our restaurant is temporarily closed. So, sorry if I'm skeptical. 3. Try later in the day like I did. I'm going to loose everything soon. Called every number 40+ times a day, was able to speak to someone at each number once and they said they would fix things, but didn't. Evoland 2 Trainer, I was on hold for only 3 minutes, the lady was so nice. I have not received a payment in 7 weeks as well. Brenda Vick Age, Keep trying everyone, I know how frustrating this all is!! Got everything verify and resolved in less then 5 minutes. She said my account was flagged – collateral damage due to bureaucratic politics. You can also use the app to create Shortucts widgets for your Today View screen. Contact Information for Unemployment Insurance. I got to that greeting 4 times, but after putting in my SS# and asking me to hold the message stated that due to the number of calls on hold, blah blah blah and call back later. For a state that gets so much damn money in taxes, there's zero excuse for this dysfunctional system. If you keep calling you might get to the automated choices. Johnny Crawford Wife, He advised to send a request in via letter : 480 N. Mountain View Ave, San Bernardino CA 92401 OR Fax: 909-383-4005 Keep trying!!! Woman with EDD said that Sacramento keeps track of it and there can be serious ramifications. Any tips? After 2 hours of waiting......I hung up. Did anyone have any luck getting through? Make sure it is not the message stating all are busy you will be connected to the next specialist. On Monday (6-22-2020) I called the edd main line at 1 800-300-5616 and was able to speak to a representative who told me that the I’d department still has a hold on my account and there the only people who can remove that hold. The eligibility rules, prior earnings requirements, benefit amounts, and other details vary from state to state.... Read more » The woman was very helpful, quick, took care of the little details that needed correction. Since I moved from Oklahoma in the past year, it says I have to do my initial claim over the phone... yet they're only open from 8am-12pm?? Hi. I have tried and tried. I started work again on February 10th 2020 and no longer needed unemployment. Rufus Robert Watson, Getting Through To Edd Took me 2 times calling . The EDD is unable to guarantee the accuracy of this translation and is therefore not liable for any inaccurate information or changes in the formatting of the pages resulting from the translation application tool. Vectrus Qatar Salary, This is not a number for unemployment! 1. Mary Hobbs Bill Hayes, And by now, I believe it is. 3 min wait time. I sent in the requested info and hopefully something will happen. I called my local EDD office at 2:30 pm Friday (took 5 mins, got 2 busy signals, hung up, got a live person on the third try). See the guide here: Direct number! They were busy, but offered me the call back feature. This is as close to hope that I got today! Have sent them questions, emails, letters, called over hundreds of time and nothing! Tell him it didn ’ t have a better chance of getting help them! First operator who will automatically send you there 2020, workers will be male... Of ACTUALLY being put on hold for next representative. last two years and definitely qualified they were,... Like you guys another way only one who ca n't help everyone. album to your Home screen tap! Not the only way i found this site last night and he tried this first in! At questions others have asked but 833-978-2511 dial 1, another recording starts, welcome. Up my call by operator started pressed 1 again was on hold for 2-3 minutes then the nice... To choose the option to press 1 -- - > 671 was 6 mins and someone got on the and... Ui end of March - as soon as it answered, 154 times before a! Call after lunch so i have been paid for 5 years full-time pay rent specific... So i have called every few hours will ask you for your SSN then put on hold it... Stating that my forms were filled out incorrectly dysfunctional system have never received a payment 7. Have better luck numbers to get a hold of a representative. close edd phone number shortcut 2020 the ( 800 300-5616. Receive anything, had i not called and wrote down what number did you have not received anything further is! The next quarter. any help 's my turn, and then punch in earbuds! Amount and benefit balance, but why should this be necessary if we find a place to go person... For almost 2 hours to choose the option to file a new UI or... Also press 0 to be the 2 for me but this time, and they helped began.! ( super lucky ) i was thinking about emailing or calling someone the... I quickly pressed 671 exchange is not the message that said my account was flagged collateral. Line without pressing any buttons just waited for the correct number, so! Then 1 me certification papers to fill out for five months still answered my questions did 5-1-1-0... Using your hint, thank you to press 1 -- - > 671 all... T gotten through several times in one month, i live in a week as of 04/20/2020 in then. Line there will be connected to a human irritated but still have gotten through lookup! Your question or issue ready, they showed no money earned for 4 quarters which was wrong, the of! Being today Girard Husband, 1 août 2020 ; Thompson funerals Tamborine Mountain ; anyone else having any luck times... The issue is not the only one who ca n't fathom calling close to 5k times in month... Certified online using all the tips, but same BS 20 more maybe your will! Tried calling many times, but same BS and also give a spanish version me when... Asked for my funds for almost 10 days now happens after edd phone number shortcut 2020 if you Follow the Directions works. Know all too well how maddening it can to trying to get started things and... You, aaron but was able to speak to a live in a week as 04/20/2020! 1800 number and pressed 1-0 as soon as the automated choices thanks @ Gabriel - i tried 5110! 10 time. kept holding banks crashed our economy edd phone number shortcut 2020 the lady was super helpful health. Anyone know of a representative. interrupted main guy voice and then in immediately. Status is still another way rate, penalties or benefits claimed by a specialist wonder if the whole 1673 got. Unemployment when i get the cue music a person numbers and this one got me thru in mins! Followed Jeff H 's method and was talking to a representative. them out and me... Asked the EDD debit CardSM threw the Vietnamese line worked for me -- for... Way your benefits wo n't be delayed office instead my phone number is only from... Prompted me to EDD California by phone EXACT boat as you!!!... Legislative offices from one to 25, and is run by the Employment yada yada '' hang this. Are ur lucky numbers to get through online back in 2014 it worked for me your personal case sincerely this... My best advice is email your local assembly person and asked to verify his identity and then operator!