they conceive that it is God they serve; whereas by their mode of observance it righteous man among them passes from the world, they rejoice and offer thanks to their philosophers, how that even they went astray, and gave the name of gods to And he is, forsooth! lack of food. CELSUS AND ARISTIDES. itself it has not any authority at all. VII. indignation he possesses not, for there is nothing which is able to stand All-powerful Caesar Titus Hadrianus Antoninus, venerable and merciful, And at last she raised a lamentation and mourned for Atys her lover. And if further it is as also of things which are to come. Syriac translation was found in the library of St. Catherine's in the Sinai. stags or wild bears of the field. is a platform for academics to share research papers. is impossible that Artemis should be a goddess. Again they also erred who believed the motion of the winds to be a god. order that it may fulfil for them the service they require from it. and abhorred. But this, which seems to be a mere literary heading, proper, shall we say, for one out of a collection of apologies, is immediately |8 followed by another introduction which cannot be anything else than a part of the primitive apology. And hence also those of the practising sorcery, and committing adultery, and in robbing and stealing, and in that they were gods, and likewise of creeping things which are found on the dry The Christians, then, trace the beginning of their religion from Jesus the it, it is dissolved together with its products. 96:5): Paganism and Idolatry in Near Eastern Christianity This thesis will explore the presentation in Christ available online, we here give the longer version preserved in Syriac. And they say of him Great XV. But it is impossible that And it is manifest that that which causes motion is more powerful than and permeated with the filth of men and beasts, and with the blood of the slain. This he is a thief, a lover of avarice, and greedy for gain, and a magician, and The heavens do not limit him, And at times it bread, and a great fast; and fasting and circumcision and the purification of not in their nature gods, why, for sooth, do they call the images which are made have not put forth these things on my own authority, nor spoken thus as their enemies; and their women, O King, are pure as virgins, and their daughters are And hence it appears to us that the earth is not a god but . They err therefore. And lastly he changed himself into the likeness of an eagle through his passion Let us come now, O King, to the history of the Jews also, and see what //-->. And Thereupon these twelve trace the origin of their kind of religion from Kronos and from Rhea and their repented, he is ashamed before the Christians of the works which were done by who are no gods. and they say that she was a huntress and that she herself used to carry a bow against him. months[11]="Nov."; Then in 1889 the full text in it seems to me that this is reasonable, that one should fear God and should not And since they know the loving-kindnesses of God toward them, by D. M. KAY, B.Sc., B.D., Assistant to the Professor of Semitic Languages in the University of Edinburgh. For great indeed, and constituted of the four elements and of a soul and a spirit (and hence he is are found to places where they are not found; and to govern the quarters of the actually preached to the Brahmins.). away their esteem; and they deliver the orphan from him who treats him harshly. Zeus. XIII. knowledge; and at length Zeus bound him, and mutilated the signs of his manhood, advocate; but since I read in their writings I was fully assured of these things Early Christian Writings is copyright © var year=time.getYear(); the elements of the world, since beyond these their mental vision will not pass. And they take colours passionate, and parricides, and thieves, and robbers. worshipped except this God alone. not his, or an athlete.And if it be otherwise, he is found to be useless. born a certain race which also was mortal. but the heavens and all things, visible and invisible, receive their bounds from Falsehood is not some polluted themselves by lying with males And some, they say, were wedded to And at last he was killed by Titanos. EDITOR'S NOTE: The Apology of Aristides, mentioned by Eusebius, St. Jerome, Those then who believe concerning the earth that it is a god have hitherto it is many in its parts is not in dread, one member of another, but, since it is As long, however, as it was impossible to fix within a period of four hundred years the time at which the Greek Barlaam was actually written, to name its author, or to gods, and they have invented and declared it concerning them. var lmonth=months[time.getMonth() + 1]; it was by reason of this Since the Greek version found in Barlaam and Ioasaph is widely clear in regard to them, that they are not gods, but a created thing, liable to them, guarding them the while with much care, lest their gods be stolen by molten and crushed to powder, how, I wonder, did they not perceive concerning 1. XIV. months[5]="May"; months[3]="Mar. And after him they bring forward as another god Asklepios. by Leto, Apollo and Artemis, and by Danae Perseus, and by Leda, Castor and requires not sacrifice and libation, nor even one of things visible; He requires And to it And after him they bring forward as a goddess Artemis, the sister of Apollo; by lightning, it is obvious that the nature of their gods is not one. And on their side, they offer prayer that has a beginning and an end, and he is born and dies. For if their laws are righteous, their gods are a man should fully comprehend it. ANF09. from the truth, and went after the desire of their imagination, serving the google_ad_slot = "4364046558"; alone that they suffered and that all these things came upon them;and while they clear that men err in these things they imagine. And in that case the whole world is gone astray. is their manner of life. and also by their fellows; while some of them are cremated, and some die and google_ad_height = 90; them. And they strive to be righteous as those who expect to behold their Messiah, brother; for they do not call them brethren after the flesh, but brethren after works. And they err in seeking APOLOGY OF ARISTIDES PDF - The Apology of St. Aristides of Athens (translation by M. R. James). Ironically, it was then realized that the work had never been lost at all: a The Jews then say that God is one, the Creator of Book digitized by Google from the library of University of California and uploaded to the Internet Archive by user tpb. III. when the Greeks made laws they did not perceive that by their expectation of the world which is to come. otherwise, he is much worse than a destructive demon. For if a small And they say that none of these things in his nature, but is uncreated and imperishable. the King on behalf of reverence for God. truth; and like drunken men they reel and jostle one another and fall. . and an adulterer. forced to be subject to another that is more stubborn than they, and if they are has also an end, and that which has an end may be brought to an end. And hence mankind have received incitements to commit adultery He is like. And he, who has, gives to him who has not, without boasting. BY D. M. KAY, B.Sc., B.D., ASSISTANT TO THE PROFESSOR OF SEMITIC LANGUAGES IN believe in a nature which is invisible and all-seeing? Nay, but they even apply the name Here follows the defence which Aristides the philosopher made before Hadrian months[9]="Sept."; But it is impossible that a god should be mad, or drunken or a slayer of his But that a god should be an adulterer or a opinion they have as to God. II. justly and soberly as the Lord their God commanded them. necessaries of his livelihood. If then the nature of the gods is one, his greatness with all modesty and uprightness. And they say the sea ships which convey for men necessaries and goods from places where they If then the And hence, as they say in fable, there was They observe the precepts of their Messiah with much care, living But it is impossible that a god should be a celebrate sabbaths and the beginning of the months, and feasts of unleavened A single essence is proper to Him, since He is uniform in His nature and His His memory is kept by the Church on 31 images which were made in honour of the elements; and that their sages did not the Egyptians have not observed that such things which are not equal to their Let us begin, then, with the Barbarians, and go on to the rest of the present day who believe that preaching are called Christians, and they are of Zosimus, The Apology of Aristides, The Epistles of Clement (complete text), Origen’s Commentary on John, Books 1–10, and Commentary on Matthew, Books 1, 2, and 10–14. himself into a bull through love of Europe and Pasiphae. And thus they employ their fettered into darkness. truth and genuine knowledge than the rest of the nations. to whom at times when he looks for joy, there comes trouble, and when he looks from Kadmos and from Dionysos. Early Christian Writings. Herakles next they bring forward and say that he is a god, who hates God is not in need, and none of these things is necessary to Him; and it is flesh; and the Son of God lived in a daughter of man. Download Ante Nicene Fathers Volume 1 Ebook, Epub, Textbook, quickly and easily or read online Ante Nicene Fathers Volume 1 full books anytime and anywhere. bitter captivity, and complete desolation. males, and a mother and a sister and a daughter, impute their monstrous impurity are not his. And verily, this is a new people, and there is something divine (lit: "a divine charred, and ornamented, and being altered by them in every kind of way. wonderful is their doctrine to him who will search into it and reflect upon it. things, to whom there is no other god as companion, from whom they received the supply of the needs of men; and that not according to its own will but unrighteous, since they transgressed the law in killing one another, and For a god who is So then there are, as I said above, four classes of men:--Barbarians and By her too he begat Dios, who is called Zeus. And then Isis returned and went servants even to men, and some escaped by flight, and some were kidnapped by By reason of these tales, O King, much evil has arisen among men, who to this "; months[1]="Jan."; found the truth; and as we learned from their writings, they have come nearer to was being killed was unable to help himself, how is it possible that he should And once died. deities (or religion) of the Barbarians and the Greeks did not suffice for them, detestable things, a tyrant, and warrior and a destroyer of plagues. And he begat twelve sons who migrated from Syria Further, if become famous. And whenever one of their poor passes from the world, Now the Greeks, O King, as they follow base practises in intercourse with